Our Mission is to develop a community of Christ-centered leaders whose character and competence transforms the world.


from the Christ-centered character
from within oneself


through a communal foundation of belonging, service, and support


strategically, with excellence and
skillful hands

And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.

Psalm 78:72

What We Offer

Transformative Leadership

An innovative and transformative growth experience with renowned leadership experts

Holistic Development

Unique integration of spiritual development, biblically-based leadership training and corporate
best practices

Effective Application

Practical application of global leadership development for maximum positive impact and sustainable change within any organization

Collaborative Community

Connection with a community of like-minded leaders who are passionate about transformational global leadership for driving sustainable change

Leadership Diversity

Recognition and support
of diverse groups in
leadership roles, including gender diversity

Love and Leadership 

“Leadership is about love.” I made this statement in an interview I once gave and was immediately asked, “What does love have to do with it?” (Sounds like a song, doesn’t it!) My response was simple: “Everything.”

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Job’s 1st Principle for Leadership

The story of Job is the story of loss and suffering such as you never want to endure. But it is also a story of a successful business leader unlike any other in the Bible, encountering total loss before being restored to double success.  

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Truth in Leadership

It is not hard to find examples in business today where honesty is not regarded as the best policy. There is great peer pressure to go along with the corporate line, a line that may not be based on truth.

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